Vine Street Elementary  

Our Mission

Vine Street Elementary School strives to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of each and every student to ensure that they are college and career ready at the end of high school.  The school, parents, and the community work in partnership to develop each student's academic excellence, social responsibility, and personal integrity.  All stakeholders are committed to the implementation of State and District grade level standards.


We will carry out our mission with commitment to create a community of lifelong successful learners.  Successful learners will be able to access information through the appropriate use of written, oral, and technological resources.  All students will demonstrate proficiency according to State and District standards.  They will be prepared to apply their knowledge in order to function independently and to contribute to our global society.

Educating the Children of Hollywood for Over 100 years!

Principal's Message

Principal Lowry’s THANKSGIVING Message:

Let us give thanks to the people who give our lives and work great meaning... Our Student Unicorns...whose love of learning and Vine Street School are evident in so many ways every day. Our “Vine Important Parents and Partners” (VIPPs)...whose support for our entire school community is so important to student achievement, school and neighborhood safety, and our place as Hollywood’s #1 public school for all students in Pre-K through Grade 6!    Our dedicated Teachers and Coordinators... whose commitment and high expectations for our students and each other will continue to produce student academic growth, as well as result in our students’ development as lifelong learners and wonderful citizens. Our Teacher Assistants and Special Education Assistants...whose instructional support for our students and teachers is so important and greatly appreciated. Our Office Staff, Cafeteria and Custodial Staff, Parent Representative and Volunteers... you are our backbone and face of our school. THANK YOU. Together, we stride, knowing our Unicorn Pride can never be denied! Together, we continue to build our school into a model of high academic achievement! TELL EVERYONE...COME TO VINE STREET SCHOOL!

Dr. Kurt S. Lowry, Principal


Mensaje de Dia de Gracias de Director Lowry:

Demos gracias a las personas que dan gran significiado a nuestra vida y trabajo... Nuestros estudiantes y Unicornios...cuyo amor por el aprendizaje y nuestra escuela son evidentes en muchas maneras cada día. Nuestros “Padres y Socios Importantes de Vine!" (VIPPs)...cuyo apoyo a toda nuestra comunidad escolar es tan importante para el logro de los estudiantes, la seguridad de la escuela y de la communidad, y nuestro lugar como la escuela pública #1 para todos estudiantes locales de Pre-K hasta el Grado 6!    Nuestros maestros y coordinadores... cuyo compromiso y expectativas altas para nuestros estudiantes y cada uno de nosostros demás seguirá produciendo académicos crecimientos de los estudiantes, así como resultado en el desarrollo de nuestros estudiantes como aprendizajes y ciudadanos.    Nuestros Auxiliares y Asistentes de Instruccion, ...cuyo apoyo instruccional para estudiantes y maestros es tan importante y muy apreciado. Nuestro Personal de Oficina, Cafetería, y de Custodia, Representante de Padres y Voluntarios... ustedes son nuestra espina dorsal y la cara de nuestra escuela. Gracias a Todos! Juntos, nos stride, sabiendo que nuestro orgullo de unicornios nunca puede ser negado! Juntos, vamos a continuar con la construcción de nuestra escuela en un modelo de altos rendimientos académicos! Díganles a Todos...VENGA a Vine Street School!

Dr. Kurt S. Lowry, Director