Vine Street Elementary  

Our Mission

Vine Street Elementary School strives to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of each and every student to ensure that they are college and career ready at the end of high school.  The school, parents, and the community work in partnership to develop each student's academic excellence, social responsibility, and personal integrity.  All stakeholders are committed to the implementation of State and District grade level standards.


We will carry out our mission with commitment to create a community of lifelong successful learners.  Successful learners will be able to access information through the appropriate use of written, oral, and technological resources.  All students will demonstrate proficiency according to State and District standards.  They will be prepared to apply their knowledge in order to function independently and to contribute to our global society.

Educating the Children of Hollywood for Over 100 years!

Principal's Message

Principal Lowry’s VALENTINE Message:


February is an important month at Vine Street School! We are in the midst of Winter, yet the dawn of Spring arrives in just seven weeks. Valentine’s Day reminds us of our need to give and receive unconditional love. Presidents Day reminds us of two of our greatest Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and honors all Presidents whose service continues to define today’s America. As we near Valentine’s Day, let us reflect on the important power of our words and actions and how they can serve to lift up, empower, heal, and build and rebuild both children and adults. TOGETHER, we continue to build our school into a model of high academic achievement, excellent citizenship, and social and environmental justice for ALL of our children, families, friends, and neighbors. Together, we confidently stride, knowing our Unicorn LOVE and PRIDE can never be denied! Remember to tell friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances...COME TO VINE STREET SCHOOL!


Dr. Kurt S. Lowry, Principal



Mensaje de San Valentín del Principal Lowry:


El mes de febrero es un mes importante en la escuela Vine Street Elementaría! Estamos en el medio del invierno, y las señales de la primavera comenzaran en solamente siete semanas. El día de San Valentín nos recuerda nuestra necesidad de dar y recibir amor y cariño incondicional. El día de los presidentes nos recuerda de dos de nuestros presidentes más importantes, George Washington y Abraham Lincoln, y honra a los Presidentes que han servido continuamente a mejorar lo que hoy es América. Como nos acercamos al día de San Valentín, reflejemos en la importancia y el poder de nuestras palabras y acciones y como ellas pueden servir para levantar, animar, sanar y construir y reconstruir tanto en niños como en adultos. JUNTOS, nosotros continuamos construyendo nuestra escuela hasta convertirla en un modelo de alto rendimiento académico, excelente ciudadanía y justicia social y ambiental para todos nuestros niños, familias, amigos y vecinos. Juntos, con confianza damos a conocer nuestro amor de unicornio y orgullo que nunca puede ser negado!

Recuerde a sus amigos, familiares, vecinos y conocidos... ¡VENGAN A LA ESCUELA VINE!



 Dr. Kurt S. Lowry, Principal