Vine Street Elementary  

Our Mission

Vine Street Elementary School strives to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of each and every student to ensure that they are college and career ready at the end of high school.  The school, parents, and the community work in partnership to develop each student's academic excellence, social responsibility, and personal integrity.  All stakeholders are committed to the implementation of State and District grade level standards.


We will carry out our mission with commitment to create a community of lifelong successful learners.  Successful learners will be able to access information through the appropriate use of written, oral, and technological resources.  All students will demonstrate proficiency according to State and District standards.  They will be prepared to apply their knowledge in order to function independently and to contribute to our global society.

Educating the Children of Hollywood for Over 100 years!

Principal's Message

Principal Lowry's May Message


 Spring is in the air and in our step! The last full month of our academic year is upon us and in literary terms, the last full chapter is being written. Each one of us should take pride in our accomplishments as we continue to build our school community, our students’ futures, and a better world through our noble enterprise that is public education. Of course, we have much work that must be done, for learning and striving never cease. This month promises to be productive and busy and we greatly appreciate your support and efforts, too! Thank you.
We are proud of our 3rd-6th Grade Unicorns who continue to participate in our annual Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) Testing program that continues through June 2nd. We are also proud of our 5th Grade Students who recently showed off their Broadway-style dance skills at LAUSD Local District West’s Annual “SPRING SERENADE!” music and arts festival at Venice HS! Bravo! Bravo! Our annual Spelling Bee, International Dance Festival, ongoing 6th Grade Activities, Parent workshops, 2nd Annual “WALK-A-THON” Fundraiser, Spring Orchestra Concert, a new Landscaping Project and Beautification Day, and our daily teaching and learning bring the month of May to a dynamic conclusion.
I want to encourage all parents to remain highly engaged in their child’s attendance and learning, and to ask questions of their child on a daily basis about their learning. Your commitment and high expectations will truly make a difference in your child’s school experience and future!
Together, we continue to build our school into a model of high academic achievement and social justice. Together, our Unicorn LOVE and PRIDE can never be denied! Remember to tell friends, family members, neighbors, and acquaintances...COME TO VINE STREET SCHOOL!

Dr. Kurt S. Lowry, Principal
Mensaje para Mayo del Director Lowry:
¡La Primavera está en el aire y en nuestro paso! El último mes completo de nuestro curso es sobre nosotros y en términos literarios, se está escribiendo el último capítulo de !ste año escolar. Cada uno de nosotros debemos estar orgullosos de los logros conseguidos, seguimos construyendo un mundo mejor a través de nuestra empresa noble que es la educación pública, nuestra comunidad escolar y el futuro de nuestros estudiantes. Por supuesto, tenemos mucho trabajo por hacer, para aprender y el esfuerzo nunca se acaba. Este mes prometo ser productivo y ocupado y agradecemos enormemente su apoyo y esfuerzos, también! Gracias.
Estamos orgullosos de nuestros estudiantes de los grados 3ro al 6to, unicornios que siguen participando en nuestro programa anual de pruebas de evaluaciones de equilibrio más inteligente (SBA) que continúan hasta el 2 de junio. También nos sentimos orgullosos de nuestros estudiantes del 5to grado que recientemente mostraron sus habilidades de danza, estilo-Broadway en el Festival anual del Distrito Escolar del Oeste, en el festival de las artes de "Serenata de Primavera”, capítulo de Venecia!    ¡Bravo! ¡Bravo!
Nuestro concurso anual de ortografía, el Festival Internacional de danza, y las actividades del 6to grado, los talleres para padres, la 2da recaudación de fondos anual de "camina-un-montón", el concierto de la orquesta de primavera, un nuevo proyecto de embellecimiento de la escuela y nuestra enseñanza diaria y aprendizaje hacen al mes de mayo una conclusión dinámica.
Quiero animar a todos los padres a seguir comprometidos en la asistencia y aprendizaje de sus hijos y a preguntar a sus hijos diariamente sobre su aprendizaje. Su compromiso y expectaciones altas harán la diferencia en la experiencia escolar de su hijo(a) y su futuro!
Juntos, continuamos construyendo nuestra escuela en un modelo de alto rendimiento académico y justicia social. ¡Juntos, nuestro AMOR y ORGULLO de unicornios nunca puede ser negado! Recuerde decirle a sus amigos, familiares, vecinos y conocidos ... ¡VENGAN A VINE!!

Dr. Kurt S. Lowry, Principal

Non-discrimination Statement:

The Los Angeles Unified School District is committed to providing a working and learning environment free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying.
The District prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying based on actual or perceived race or ethnicity, gender/sex (including gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and pregnancy-related medical conditions) sexual orientation, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental status, marital status, registered domestic partner status, age (40 and above), genetic information, political belief or affiliation (not union related), a person's association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics, or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law, ordinance, or regulation in any program or activity it conducts or to which it provides significant assistance.
For inquiries about District policies and procedures related to student-to-student, student-to-staff and staff-to student harassment/discrimination, including how to file a harassment/discrimination complaint contact:

Educational Equity Compliance Office

Julie Hall-Panameño
LAUSD Section 504 and Title IX Coordinator
(213) 241-7682

For inquiries or complaints related to employee-to-employee, student-to-employee, or work/employment related discrimination or harassment, contact:

Equal Employment Opportunity Section
(213) 241-7685

Both offices are located at:

Los Angeles Unified School District
333 South Beaudry Avenue - 20th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017