It's Teacher & Classified Appreciation Week at Vine! May 7th - 11th...

The teachers and classified staff will get week-long treats: a way to say "Thank you" for making Vine the awesome school that it is!


Monday: coffee and donuts

Tuesday: continental breakfast

Wednesday: lunch provided by Subway

Thursday: coffee drinks and smoothies from Brasil Kiss (thanks neighbors!)

Friday:  a taco lunch

Way Of Council Comes to Vine Street


What is "Way of Council?"


"The basic practice of Council is simple: a group of people set in a circle.  Drawing on indigenous traditions of using a talking piece, an object is passed from person to person in a group sitting in a circle which grants the holder solid permission to speak.  Each one has a voice, speaks from their heart and all others listen.  The Way of Council invites active participation in the learning process.  The Councils draw on the life experiences and wisdom of all participants to generate new understandings of the problem and new possibilities for solutions.  It brings together the ancient wisdom of community and the contemporary value of respect for individual gifts, needs, and differences." (


In the photo: Mr. Galvez facilitated a recent Way of Council Session on "Kindness and Tolerance" with Mrs. McGuire's students based on the movie "Wonder."

Annual Spring Smarter Balanced Assessment Begins April 30th

Our annual "Smarter Balanced Assessment" (SBA) Testing begins the week of April 30th for our students in Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6!  Parents, please do your part to ensure that your child, regardless of grade level, attends school every day, on time, and in school uniform.  Doing so will likely help our students demonstrate growth on these tests!

Lights! Camera! Vine Street in Action!



Our Third Grade students recently received personal dictionaries from our Wilshire Rotary Club partners!  Here, Mr. Magallon's students find the meaning of new words.

Here's the Latest...


All Parents are encouraged to serve on our 2017-2018 School Site Council (SSC) and participate! This year’s SSC Parent elections will be Thursday, October 5th, at 2:30 p.m. in our AUDITORIUM! Join us!



Congratulations to our newly elected 2017-2018 English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) Officers and Members!

Rocio Sanchez – Chair/President

Sofia Jimenez – Vice-Chair/Vice-President

Jenny Dominguez – Secretary

Edith Molina – Parliamentarian

Eduardo Mejia – Member

Patricia Torres – Member

Norma Balvas – Member

Albina Pay – Member

Maday Juarez - Member

A special thanks to Maria Martinez, Parent Center Director, Harold Galvez, TSP Coordinator, and Edith Perez, Local District West Parent Educator, for your support!


* Academic Intervention Tutoring for English Learners (ELs) Coming Soon! *

We are pleased to offer a FALL-Semester after-school academic intervention tutoring program for a select number of our students who are classified as English Learners (ELs). Please see Mr. Galvez, Coordinator, for more information. Thanks!

Our Newly Elected ELAC Officers and Members...

Thank You Volunteers!!!!

Thank you to all of our Book Fair volunteers and Vine Important Parents (VIPs)!

Pizza Party!

Mr. Tovar, Ms. Ventura, and Mr. Galvez recently served pizza to classrooms that were the first to return all ”WELCOME BACK!” Packet documents!

2017 Solar Eclipse Observed at Vine!

On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America was treated to a partial eclipse, while a total solar eclipse was seen along a narrow path extending coast to coast across the U.S.A.  Here, in Hollywood, we were able to view the partial eclipse via internet streaming in the auditorium.  Some adults, using special viewing glasses, were able to observe it live.  "Wow!"  "Cool!" "Amazing!"  These were some of the feelings verbalized in those moments.  All of the students and staff of Vine Street School with undoubtedly remember this day!

Vine Street's 9th Annual Spelling Bee

Kindergarten Winners:


First Place: Valerie Figueroa

Second Place: Eduardo Cortez

Third Place: Tyler Barillas

First Grade Winners:


First Place: Caleb Sopenasky

Second Place: Max Lopez

Third Place: Andrea Valle-Lopez

Second Grade Winners:


First Place: A Very Good Speller

Second Place: Christopher Mariblanca

Third Place: Briana Anacleto

Third Grade Winners:


First Place: Daniel Flores

Second Place:  Max Hockman

Third Place: Eileen Castillo

Fourth Grade Winners:


First Place: Fabrizio Rodriguez

Second Place: A Very Good Speller

Third Place: Diego Garcia

Fifth Place Winners:


First Place: Edward Mejia

Second Place: Chelsea Velasco

Third Place: Oscar Rivas

Sixth Grader Winners:


First Place: Hazel Avila

Second Place: A Very Good Speller

Third Place: A Very Good Speller

Vine Street Teacher Appreciation Week - May 1-5

Teacher appreciation week started off with donuts and coffee provided by our neighborhood Dunkin Donuts. Mmmmm!  Thank you Hollywood Dunkin Donuts!  Next, all enjoyed a breakfast burrito and fruit salad breakfast on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, May 3rd,  the teachers and staff enjoy a delicious hot burrito breakfast. 

On Friday, May 5th, the teachers and staff were treated to a feast provided by our VIPPS (Very Important Parent Partners).  We always look forward to this annual treat, so THANK YOU, PARENTS!!!!

Spirit Day: Sports Team Day

Vine Street staff represented their favorite sports teams on Friday, April 28th, for Student Council's Spirit Day.  Dressing up in fan wear is always a fave for this sporty staff!

Say "Hello" to Ms. Bernice!


The Vine Street Family welcomes Ms. Bernice Belleza.  She joins us in our main office as our new Office Technician.


Annual Spring Smarter Balanced Assessment Begins!

Our annual "Smarter Balanced Assessment" (SBA) Testing begins the week of April 3rd for our students in Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Parents, please do your part to ensure that your child, regardless of grade level, attends school every day, on time, and in school uniform.  Doing so will likely help our students demonstrate continued growth on these tests.



Learning Safety From "Street Smarts"

Ms. Gast's Kindergarten class actively participated in our recent LAPD-sponsored "Street Smarts" Traffic Safety Assembly.



Our 5th Graders Perform With CDI

Dr. Lowry and the Staff of Vine Street are so proud of our 5th Grade Student Dancers.  In partnership with the California Dance Institute, they performed beautifully recently during three, high-energy culminating perfromances for parents, students, and staff!  Come to Vine Street School!

A Special Staff Meeting...

On election day, March 7th, we were honored to have two VIP Vine Street supporters join us at our staff meeting.  Board Member, Steve Zimmer, and newly re-elected UTLA President, Alex Caputo-Pearl, came to share their ideas with us and get the vote out.  Thank you, Mr. Zimmer and Mr. Caputo-Pearl!  You are always welcome at Vine!

Vine Street University Begins!

Local District West Parent and Community Engagement Department asked Vine Street School to host their January Parent University for selected elementary schools.  Several workshops were offered, with DIBELS for parents being the main draw.  Participants received completion certificates at the conclusion of the parent workshop(s).

Pre-K Gets a Visit from Our Local Firefighters

Firefighters from our neighborhood first station,
(Los Angeles Fire Department Station 27), dropped in to talk to the pre-k students about safety.  Our little ones were thrilled to meet our firefighter friends!

January Coffee Talk - Cafecito

Santa Made His Annual Visit to Vine Street!

Once again, Vine Street students, staff, and parents were overjoyed to see Santa before Winter Break.  More than 500 students had their pictures taken with him.  Thank you Santa, for brightening our holidays!  Can't wait to see you next year!

More December Activities...

ELAC and SSC Members and Officers Elected!

ELAC and SSC Members and Officers Elected!

Congratulations to us all!  We recently formed our English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) and School Site Council (SSC). These bodies govern how our school develops our budget and implements policies and programs to support our students. Join our meetings!

ELAC Committee (ELAC):
Chair – Lesly Garcia
Vice Chair – Sofia Jimenez
Secretary – Maria Hurtado

Parliamentarian – Albina Pay
Member – Maday Juarez
Member – Raquel Leon
Member – Rocio Sanchez
Member – Elba Larita
Member – Marco Poz
Member – Wendy Castro


School Site Council (SSC):
Chair – Krisia Jimenez
Vice Chair – Vanessa Ordaz
Secretary – Maria Martinez
Parliamentarian – Lesly Garcia
Member – Kevin Savage
Member – Ena Aguilera
Member – Dinorah Escobar
Member – Marta Lopez
Member – Luz Lopez
Member – Dr. Kurt Lowry