Spirit Days for the 2017-2018 School Year...

October 2nd - Sports Day

November 3rd - Unicorn Day

December 4th - Pajama Day

January 8th - Disney Day

February 5th - Twin Day

March 5th - Class Color Day

April 3rd - Hawaiian Day

May 1st - Fandom Day

June 4th - Fancy Day

Meet Your 2017-2018 Student Council Officers!

 President - Carla N.

Carla likes to read books, write in her journal, and play with her siblings.  In 15 years, she sees herself as a software engineer or a doctor.  Her goals for Vine Street are to be a good leader for the school and make a difference.   Her position in the Student Council is one she chose because she has always wanted to make a difference in the world.  Her work in reaching this goal starts here, at Vine Street School.  Three words she chose to describe Carla: nerdy, fierce, curious.


 Vice President - Hailey P.

Hailey ran for Student Council because she wanted to be a role model for young kids.  In 15 years, she sees herself working as a vet.   Her goals for Vine Street are to earn lots of money, try to get lots of field trips, and do fun Spirit Days.  She likes art, dancing, science, and playing.  Three words to describe Hailey: crazy, friendly, kind.

 Historian - Stephanie G.

Stephanie ran for Student Council because as a student council member one gets to help out in making the school better than it already is.  It's also a big opportunity to help the younger kids to have role models who show them how to help out and respect one another.  Her goals for the school are to have our attendance be higher, to see everyone respect each other, and to put a stop to bullying.  She likes drawing, playing the violin, and reading.  In 15 years, she will be a college graduate, working on writing a book because she wants to be an author and a teacher.  Stephanie's 3 descriptive words: responsible, smart, helpful.


Treasurer - Nathaniel P.

Nathaniel ran for the position of Student Council Treasurer because he loves doing math.  His goals for the school are to raise money for Vine Street and to stop people from getting bullied.  In 15 years, Nathaniel sees himself having a job as an architect.  His interests outside of school are reading, doing math, and sports.  Three words to describe Nathaniel: smart, athletic, competitive.

 Secretary - Ozziel D.

Ozziel's motivation for running for Student Council was to get better grades.  His goals for Vine are to put a stop to bullying, to be a good role model for students, and to have more spirit day and fundraisers.  In 15 years, Ozziel will be a very famous engineer.  He like being in the Boy Scouts and enjoys math and violin clubs.  Three words to describe Ozziel are: smart, nice, funny.


 Senator - Heidi V.

Heidi ran for Student Council because she really wanted to make a difference in the school.  She also wanted to show that she was capable of doing the job.  Her goals for Vine are to help kids, to stop kids who are bullying, and to make the school better than it already is.  She likes to draw and play volleyball with her friends.  In 15 years, Heidi sees herself as a college graduate working as a doctor.  This has always been her dream. Three words to describe Heidi are: respectful, kind, hard-working.


 Senator - Karen H.

Karen likes to read and play her trumpet.  She decided to run for Student Council because she saw girls and boys getting bullied by their classmates and wanted to make Vine Street a bully-free zone.  Her goals for the school are to have more fundraisers and activities that are fun.  In 15 years, Karen will be helping kids in hospitals and going to school.  Three words to describe Karen are: nice, kind, helpful.

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