Meet Your 2016-2017 Student Council Officers!

 President - Steffanie L.

Steffanie likes to dance, sing, and do gymnastics in her free time.  In 15 years, she sees herself fulfilling her dream of working as a flight attendant  Her goals for Vine Street are to buy lockers for 5th & 6th graders, since they "have so many books and don't have enough storage or space."  Her position in the Student Council is one she chose because she felt like she had enough courage to lead her school in a right way.  Three words she chose to describe Steffanie: hyper, funny, helpful.

 Vice President - Belinda M.

Belinda ran for Student Council because she is a determined person.  In 15 years, she sees herself working as a lawyer.   Her goals for Vine Street are to make the school a better place, to have more field trips, and to make school fun for everyone.  She likes to dance, sing, draw, write, watch YouTube, organize things, and do art projects.  She is one busy girl!  Three words to describe Belinda: funny, talented, dreamer.

 Historian - Ellizabeth M.

Elizabeth ran for Student Council because she heard that if you are in Student Council, you will get better grades than what you are already getting.  She likes helping other people with things like groceries.  In 15 years, she will always be prepared for what life sends her way.  Elizabeth's 3 descriptive words: nice, responsible, silly.

Treasurer - Evan V.

Evan ran for Student Council because he wants to make Vine Street a better place.  His goals for the school are to come up with more Spirit Days and fundraisers.  In 15 years, Evan sees himself playing on a professional sports team.  His interests outside of school are sports and video games.  Three works to describe Evan: athletic, cool, smart.

 Senator - Casey R.

Casey's motivation for running for Student Council was to see if she can work well with other team leaders.  Her goals for Vine are to make sure there are no rumors or bullies at our school.  She also wants more field trips for the students.  In 15 years, Casey will be an artist.  Currently, she likes taking coding classes, moving robots around with a custom code.  Three words to describe Casey are: funny, kind, trustworthy.

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